Pineapples are some of the sweetest fruits ever- which makes it one of my favorites. They have this tangy, sweet taste that bursts when you bite into the juicy, flesh.


Now, it seems this tropical fruit is appearing around in prints everywhere. The bold print of the royal blue fruits on this tea towel just demands attention. I love looking at repeated prints because they’re so simple. They just seem to be begging you to print them out, rip them apart, and make new art with it.


Above, the print made by Georgiana Paraschiv, one of my favorite print illustrator, has a different take of the colors giving it a new look.

Health Aspects

The pineapple is loaded with a large supply of Vitamin C and manganese, which boosts your immune system and antioxidants. It also aids with digestion, so it is recommended to eat between meals. Filled with natural sugars, it’s the perfect fruit for people with a sweet tooth.

Bored with eating it raw? There are plenty of recipes for pineapples, including baking, grilling, deserts, and making sauces. Try adding it into a smoothie for more sweetness or juicing it.

Still curious? Google is my best friend, but I’m welcome to share!

Au revoir! 


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