Climate Change

A huge concern right now is global climate change. Humans are so smart, but we are tearing down the world we developed in. We’ve created all of these incredible mechanics that can take us to the other side of the world in less than a day, yet we fail to see these inventions are causing global problems. Here’s a simplified explanation of what’s going down on our planet right now.

Currently, there’s a controversy whether humans are causing these changes or its just natural. Climate change is a natural change in overall weather patterns over a long stretch of time. Therefore, yes, climate change is natural. However, the speed at which the earth’s climate is changing is at a very accelerated pace, which its effects are showing now.  Have you felt the extreme brutal winter this year? Or notice how summer days tend to be either in the 90s (*F), drenched and flooded by a down pour of rain, or suffering through a drought? And because weather affects the lands and seas, sea ice, water levels, temperatures, and the shapes of lands will all change.  These are only a few changes our world is undergoing right now.

Before the term climate change, there was global warming-  when greenhouse gases(carbon dioxide, methane, etc.) trap heat in the earth’s atmosphere and warms up the earth. People didn’t think it was a real concept. Global warming is real. This greenhouse effect is necessary for life to grow in a warm atmosphere. But surprise, surprise. The earth’s temperature rose because our waste from daily life is increasing the greenhouse gases thus affecting earth’s overall temperature. Global warming is a cause of climate change.

Now this huge amount of greenhouse gases is our main problem. And the most popular hated on gas is carbon dioxide. It’s the gas that you release when you exhale. I’m not saying you should stop breathing, but instead stop deforesting, burning fossil fuels for energy, and driving your car everywhere. Maybe even plant a tree or a shrub. The point is, there’s just too much carbon dioxide in the air. Right now, the amount of CO2 is nearing 400ppm (parts per million), while the safe amount lies by 350ppm. Houston, we have a problem.

Recap: an excess amount of greenhouse gases are causing global warming which is a cause for climate change which is changing the world we know, in a bad way. 

So what can we do?

First, watch these short clips below. Second, visit, an organization dedicated to lowering CO2. Third, click here to see my Going Green post to help our world. And finally spread the word. Share this post, email your friends, say something on facebook, wave posters in the streets, dress up as the earth- because the world needs to know.

Peace and stay green,


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