My name is Elise and I care about living clean, healthy and eco-consciously.

I spent a part of my summer at an environmental camp, named BELL (Brown’s Environmental Leadership Lab), on a secluded campground in Rhode Island where me and 29 other teenagers lived sustainably and learned about the earth’s rising issues.  After two weeks of 5 minute showers, flushing toilets when only necessary, and composting and recycling every last bit, I am ready to change the world.  I want to share what I learned to raise awareness about global issues and what we can do to heal our home.

Besides environmental issues, I’m very passionate about eating clean and living healthily.  Most people don’t see past the nutrition labels and advertisements.  What we put into our bodies is partially a mystery.  I’ve decided to lead a lifestyle without eating processed foods and reveal what’s purely bad and naturally good.

Green Radishes is my output.  I want to convince you and hundreds, maybe thousands, of other readers to join me in the fight for a healthy lifestyle for the earth and your own body. It’s everything to nothing, but definitely worth reading.


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